Rodrigo Oliveira (Sintra, Portugal, 1978) is a multidisciplinary artist, with an intentionally diverse range of operational means and material supports. His artistic practice manifests in unique and experimental objects created through improvisational and skillful techniques. Recently, Oliveira has explored processes of repetition, collection, and serialism, which have become essential to his artistic trajectory. His work is informed by an intense research into the repercussions of "Lusophone Tropicalism" on the heritage of modernist architecture and the legacy of Conceptual Art. Through his art, Oliveira questions the miscegenation of contemporary culture, and reveals a possible translation of the individual condition in a world dominated by the diaspora of political, economic, social, and cultural models. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Oliveira's work represents a fascinating exploration of the intersection of cultural identities, traditions, and contemporary artistic expression. His unique approach and innovative techniques continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.




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Palácio do Contado-Mor
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